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We Help Students and Tutors Find Each Other

We have plenty of responsible, competent and dedicated home tutors who go the extra mile for their students and always ready to prepare bright future for their students. Our tutors always try their best to create interest towards the subject in the minds of the students.They firstly focus on student`s weak point and solve their problems to understand the theory of any subjects or topics.

Step 1: Register your self Online/Offline as a Teacher/Student

Register Yourself As Teacher Register Yourself As student

Step 2:  Pay your Registration amount of Rs 500

Payment Method



After Confirmation of your Payment

For Students

  • We will send Teacher with in 20 days for 3 days of free demo
  • If you do not like his/her teaching then we will replace the teacher and we will repeat it.
  • After your conformation you have to pay fee in  first week.
  • Our services is ended by proving you best teacher



For Teachers

  • We will send you at student home within 20 days for 3 days of free demo
  • If parents will confirm you. you can continue with that student otherwise we will send you another place
  • After  conformation you have to pay your first  month fee to us.
  • From the second month you will receive your fee
  • Our services is ended by proving you Student